Welcome visitor, you have found my website on ventless heating and all there is to know about it. If this is your first time to hear about this form of heating, I bet you're probably wondering just what on earth it is!

Well, the main focus is on portable heaters that run on fuels such as containerized gas such as propane and liquid fuels such as kerosene. There are models in the gas and liquid fuel classes that are designed to be used without a means of venting their emissions to the outside, hence the term "ventless."

It's unlikely you're going to find solid fuel burning portable models for use indoors, as there needs to be some way to vent the smoke out of the room. But cleaner burning gas models, for instance can burn the fuel so efficiently that emissions are negligible and are therefore relatively safe to be used indoors with this proviso:

The room where such a device is operating in must have some ventilation such a cracked open window or door to allow fresh air in and air containing the low levels of pollutants out. That's about the whole story in a nutshell.


The site's mission is this: I'll be expanding on all of this and explaining it all in detail in a series of explanatory articles published here as well as bringing you a collection of suitable product reviews so you can see for yourself which may or may not be the right kind and model for your needs and wants.